Kyrie Irving, Vaccine Shaming and the New Divide in America

Kyrie Irving, Vaccine Shaming and the New Divide in America

I thought about this statement and how it relates to the possible federal COVID Vaccine mandate and the already mandatory mandate in some states. To me, the decision to get vaccinated somewhat lies within the words written by the forefathers of this country.  

Regardless of your beliefs, your creation by a higher power gives you free will to do as you please based on simply existing on this planet. Despite the historical hypocrisy of this country, all men, which is stated in the plural sense of man and woman are created equal.  

Even if the authors of this Declaration probably were just referring to Caucasian men, the core of it should apply to all citizens of this country. With that said, we should have the freedom (liberty), to do what we please with our life. If that means taking a vaccine shot will make you happy, so be it, the same should go for you not taking the shot.  

This brings me to NBA player Kyrie Irving, who plays for the Brooklyn Nets. For those not aware, Kyrie has opted to not take a vaccine shot, which makes him ineligible to play home games for his team. The state of New York has a law that mandates people to take a shot before participating or entering any indoor facility. This means that Kyrie is not only able to play in Brooklyn’s arena, but he also can’t practice with his teammates.  

Kyrie’s decision to go unvaccinated has been the source of many of discussions throughout this country recently. Some people have called him selfish and stupid. Some people have called him a hero or rebel. Some people support him, some people don’t. From what I been hearing, most people agree that it is your right to decide if you want to be vaccinated. However, in the same breath, some people, mainly those people who are vaccinated will ask the question why don’t you want to get vaccinated?   


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