LeBron James becomes the First Basketball Player since Jordan to receive his own building on the Nike Campus

LeBron James becomes the First Basketball Player since Jordan to receive his own building on the Nike Campus

LeBron James will join the club as only the second basketball player with a building along with Michael Jordan. “I’m definitely honored to be one of the Nike athletes to have a building represent their name,” LeBron said.  

The name of the building is called the LeBron James Innovation Center. It spans more than 85,000 square feet across four floors and has 500-foot-long, 15% incline hill for athletes to train on. During a visit to the facility with his family and friends, LeBron expressed how impressed he was. “The inside of it and the outside of it, the architecture of it, the story behind it, everything that goes on inside this building is unbelievable.” 

The LeBron James Innovation Center overview.

The inside of the building has a full-size, 94-foot NBA court surrounded by a 200-meter running loop. It also has a 100-meter sprint lane and a concrete lane to simulate urban running. In addition to that, it has a regulation turf soccer field across half of the floor, where global futbol endorsers and NFL athletes can participate in practices, workouts, and training. 

One of the most touching aspects of the building is a section dedicated to LeBron James’s mother. The Glo Café on the building’s first floor is a coffee shop and juice bar named after his mother Gloria. Covering one of the walls is a stained glass and painted mural of a teenage James in his high school uniform embracing his mom.  

LeBron James and his mother, Gloria, observing the artwork together.
LeBron James observing the artwork of him embracing his mother, Gloria.

“My mom means everything to my journey, everything to my life,” said James. “Everything that she sacrificed for me throughout my life, especially when I was a kid, her dedication to just trying to be excellent, even through adversity, she set me up to be who I am today. Just being able to overcome shortcomings, overcome anything in my life, seeing the things that she had to go through. To see my mom represented in this building, it’s a special thing for me.” 

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