Lil Reese Takes Shot At ‘Old Ass Rappers’ In Lil Herb’s Song ‘On My Soul’

One line that stuck out on this track, aside from the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” line, was Reese’s shot at “old ass rappers.”

Reese raps, “These old ass rappers they old as f*ck they needa to sit down and get to it.”

Lil Reese actually does have a point. In Hip Hop’s heyday in the 90s and even early 2000s, the burgeoning crop of talent were barely out of their 20s.

The top artists in today’s Hip Hop are pushing 40. No need to say names.

This raises the question: Are the old dogs in the rap game denying the young guns the mainstream spotlight?

Chicago MCs are the newest young breed of talent that deserve the light.

Should old rappers put the mic down and invite onstage Hip Hop’s new crop of talent? Sound off below

Listen to Lil Herb’s “On My Soul” featuring Lil Reese.


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