Hair problems: Lack of strength; tension.

Ear problems: Unwillingness to hear what’s going on around you; anger about what is heard.

Stomach problems: Inability to assimilate new experiences; fear of new ideas.

Neck problems: Stubbornness; inability to see the other side of the equation.

Throat problems: Feeling inadequate to stand for yourself; repressed anger; swallowing emotional hurt.

Back problems: Lack of support. Upper back: lack of emotional support, holding back love; Middle back: Guilt; Lower back: lack of financial support, fear of money.

Knee problem: Inflexibility; stubbornness; inability to bend; ego.

Nerve problems: Confused thinking; fear; struggle; anxiety.

Breast problems: Over-mothering a place, person, a thing or an experience.

Leg problems: Inability to move forward; reluctance for the future.

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