Diabetes: Sense of sorrow; No sweetness in life.

Fatigue: Resistance, boredom; Lack of love for what you do.

Headaches: Invalidating the self; emotional upsets; uncertainty.

Migraine: Putting too much pressure on yourself; wanting to be perfect; suppressed anger.

Sinus: Irritation with someone in your life; someone bearing down on you.

Overweight: Need for protection; insecurity; seeking love; fear of loss; stuffing feelings.

Ulcers: Anxiety; fear of not being good enough.

Constipation: Inability to let go; tendency to over-save.

Varicose veins: Having to stand for a job you hate.

Arthritis: Constant pattern of criticism of self and others; need to be perfect.

Swelling: Stagnation in emotional thinking; bottled-up tears; blaming others for your limitations.

Siddiqu “The Personal Trainer” is a CPT, motivational speaker, author of  How Are You Fat and Saved?! He is also the Co-creator of the world wide workout class The House Music Workout Party and the largest workout class in Chicago “The No Excuse Bootcamp” for booking information or more fitness tips visit our WEBSITE www.chicagofit4life.com

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