Music Review Of Warner Bros Songwriter Scotty Music Listening Session

 The first three songs I heard were Murder, Killing the Town, and Freak Bitches. The first two songs had a reggae sound to it, and the last one had a up-tempo strip club rhythm. Scotty Music has a nice vibe when he spits his bars. It has a smooth, Drake vibe to it, but it still is his signature sound. His diversity showed on joints like Something that You Like and Love Don’t Cost A Thing. He was singing on both those songs and informed the audience that he channeled D’Angelo on Love Don’t Cost A Thing. “I like making the slow songs the most,” he told me after the session. “But I know the masses prefer the Hip Hop type of songs,’ he continued to tell me. In all, I heard eleven songs from Scotty Music catalog. I got there late (as usual), and Scotty said I miss out on like five songs. “I played like 16 songs tonight, but we probably only use about 12 for the album,” he said.

Overall, what I learned is that with the silent party, you have to have good music playing. More so with the headphones on, because it is more intimate experience. My suggestion is to make sure you got a good DJ or a good playlist. In terms of Scotty Music, I feel like his music is worthy of putting on some headphones and zoning out to. I didn’t get a exact date on when Scotty will be dropping his new project, but I do have the links to his social networks below. Go check out his stuff and give it a listen.

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