3.“How low can you go”  To insure you stay focused on your New Year’s resolution set a very low bar for yourself.  The lower the better!  People kill me when they have not exercised in 4 years and then New Year’s comes around and they say they want to run a marathon!  What!  Set a goal so low that you can hit it, success breeds success, so when you hit your first goal it will give you the zeal to want to attack your next goal.  Give yourself one week to complete each goal.  
·       Create a new exercise playlist for the gym (C. Freemon)
·       Buy a gym bag and fill it up with gym clothes and a towel   
·       Make a schedule and put exercise on it every week for a month
·       Attend our Jan 5th No Excuse Bootcamp  RSVP: https://housemusicworkout-uk.eventbrite.com

Use these three tips and you will still be working out, getting toned, losing weight, running races, come this time next year.  Instead of being that person who sets the same exercise New Year’s resolutions every year. 

Siddiqu “The Personal Trainer” is a CPT, motivational speaker, author of  How Are You Fat and Saved?! He is also the Co-creator of the House Music Workout Class and the exercise series “You Would Think I Invented Sweat” for booking information or more fitness tips visit our WEBSITE www.chicagofit4life.com 

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