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NFL protests are going to play into free agency, and possibly the draft

While protests aren’t currently visible on the field, they’re in the minds of owners across the league.


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The protests that went on in the NFL last season over the oppression faced by people of color in the United States was a topic of discussion all season. While that slowly burned off, it’s not over.

Colin Kaepernick started the protests in 2016, when he first sat for the national anthem during the preseason. He changed his protest to a knee, and it slowly caught on. But in 2017, with Kaepernick unsigned and Donald Trump’s comment calling players who protested “sons of bitches,” an entire new wave started.

While many of the demonstrations weren’t for the same reasons as Kaepernick’s protest, it still raised the issue. It’s also one that could affect free agency, and the NFL draft.

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