Recently, Nia Long gave her opinion on marriage and why she hasn’t never gotten married. In an interview with ESSECENE’S “Yes Girl” podcast, the actress explained “Love is complicated, let’s just start there,” Nia said. “And then you start a marriage, which I’ve never been married. And there’s a reason for that because I don’t know that I need to say ‘I do’ to prove to you that I love you. But also, what does marriage really [mean]… that you own me now and I own you? I don’t get that part.”

‘Nia has been engaged to retired NBA player Ime Udoka since 2015. The couple had a son in 2010 and Nia has an older son from a previous relationship. Despite the lengthy engagement and having a child together, Nia doesn’t feel a need to get married. “I understand the religious aspect of marriage. That is beautiful and it’s fantastical and it’s dreamy and it’s every girl’s fantasy to have that moment. But I don’t know that I need that to feel like I’m in a partnership that’s working.” To read more about this story click here.

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