However, that incident had no effect on a White sheriff deputy in North Carolina. Jordan Kita, a New Hanover Sheriff’s office detention officer was accused of putting on his uniform and leading an armed group of people to the house of Black kid in their community. Kita arrived at the house of a teenager Dameon Shepard in search of Lekayda Kempisty who was reported missing.

The problem with that was Kita was not on active duty and had no authority to put on his uniform and go to Dameon’s house. He definitely didn’t have a right to go there with armed people seeking justice without evidence. It was reported that one person in the group had a AR-15, while one had a shotgun and another had a handgun.

The really messed up thing about the whole situation was they had the wrong person. They were searching for a kid named Josiah but ended up at Dameon’s house. He tried to explain it to the angry mob when they arrived but they wasn’t listening. “There’s one in a police uniform, and he speaks to me first,” Shepard said while speaking to the Port City Daily. “He says, ‘We’re looking for a missing girl. We were given this address, we were given your name, and we were told that she’s here. So we’re going to enter.’”

Frightened and confused, Dameon repeatedly told Kita and the crowd that they had the wrong person. The commotion woke up his mother Monica Shepard who came to the door. “The crowd was angry, and I still did not know what was going on,” Monica Shepard said while speaking to the Port City Daily. “[Kita] kept saying, ‘I’m going to step inside, close the door, and talk to you,’ and I said, ‘No, you’re not.’”

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