Northern California gunman who shot two police officers found dead after home he was holed up in catches fire

The suspect was tracked down to the home in Fremont, but would not budge even after authorities fired tear gas into the house, sparking the massive fire.

The fire department put out the blaze without entering the home. The unidentified gunman’s body was later found inside.

Two Fremont Police Department officers were shot Wednesday afternoon after a traffic stop, leading to a manhunt that involved a house-to-house search.

No one was in the Fremont house when the suspect broke in and barricaded himself inside.

A Fremont officer with one year of service stopped a white pickup truck in Fremont on Wednesday when the pickup backed into the officer’s patrol car and a person in the truck fired shots that wounded the officer. The shooter and another suspect fled on foot.

Later, an officer with 10 years of service was wounded by the gunman in a shootout.

The officer in the initial shooting was in critical condition after surgery, and the second officer remained in stable condition, according to the East Bay Times.

Neighbors in the blue-collar area were told to remain in their homes and to call police about anything suspicious.

There were others with the suspect when the shooting started, but just the single gunman was accused in the violence, authorities say.


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