Notorious BIG declared too fat to have street corner named after him

Local resident LeRoy McCarthy petitioned to have Fulton Street renamed after Notorious BIG, and according to Village Voice he made his case to the area’s Community Board 2 on Tuesday, having accrued more than 3,000 electronic signatures and 1,000 handwritten ones.

But a report by DNA Info claims that committee member Lucy Koteen voiced concerns over the rapper’s criminal history and his size.

“He started selling drugs at 12, he was a school dropout at 17, he was arrested for drugs and weapons charge, he was arrested for parole violations, he was arrested in North Carolina for crack cocaine, in 1996 he was again arrested for assault, he had a violent death and physically the man is not exactly a role model for youth,” she said.

“I don’t see how this guy was a role model and frankly it offends me.”

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