NBA player Royce White speaks on fight for workplace accommodations

by Tom Crann,

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ST. PAUL, Minn. — MPR News’ focus on mental health continues with a conversation with NBA player Royce White about fighting for accommodations in the workplace.

The anxiety disorder he deals with makes it difficult for White to travel by plane, among other things. That’s something professional athletes have to do a lot. Continue reading

Golden State Warriors San Francisco Arena Could Top $1 Billion


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The Golden State Warriors have dreams of moving from their current home, Oakland’s Oracle Arena, to a brand new arena in San Francisco. The proposed plans include a state-of-the-art arena on the San Francisco waterfront on top of Piers 30-32. The cost of the proposed construction continues to skyrocket. An opening in 2017 is currently the plan, and the budget is likely to jump above $1 billion. Continue reading

Communist Party makes a comeback … in Japan

By: Gavin Blair

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A smiling, smartly attired 30-year-old woman sits at an expansive table in a meeting room decorated with simple elegance on the fourth floor of a modern office building in central Tokyo.

Only the sunflower broach – an anti-nuclear symbol – on the woman’s suit, and perhaps that the large calligraphy scroll on the wall behind her that isn’t hung perfectly straight, betray the fact that this isn’t a scene from corporate Japan. Yoshiko Kira doesn’t look like she intends to dismantle capitalism, but this is the headquarters of the Japanese Communist Party (JCP), and she is one of its rising stars, and that’s her plan. Continue reading