Video of Cops Dragging Man Behind Car Triggers Outrage


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The videotaped death of cab driver who was tied to a police car and dragged down the street is being investigated as a murder,  South African police said today.

In the graphic video recorded by an onlooker, a taxi driver who resisted arrest was tied by his hands to the back of a police vehicle and dragged on his back hundreds of feet down a street, despite pleas of protest from a crowd watching the arrest. Continue reading

Did Sigmund Freud use Cocaine on his Patients

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Dear Cecil:freud

My friends tell me that Sigmund Freud used cocaine on his patients while diagnosing them. Is this true?

— Blake Harnage, Birmingham, Alabama


Cecil replies:

I’m not sure what you’re envisioning here. “Yo, Fraulein, have some cocaine. May I examine your organs?” So far as I know, this was not Freud’s procedure. However, he was an early advocate of cocaine, used it himself, and touted it to his associates, one of whom demonstrated that it could be used as a local anesthetic. Sales of the drug immediately took off, and an industry was born. In other words, not only did Freud give us psychoanalysis (and psychiatry in general, I venture to say), we can also thank him for the crack epidemic. Quite the career. What could this guy possibly have done for an encore — invented the atom bomb? Continue reading

NFL Combine Gay Questions: Teams Prying about Sexual Orientation, TE Nick Kasa Says

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NFL prospect Nick Kasa was asked by scouts about his sexual orientation at the NFL Combine, the tight end said in a radio interview on Tuesday.

Kasa, a senior at the University of Colorado, is one of a few hundred players who participated this week in the NFL Scouting Combine, an annual showcase for NFL prospects in advance of April’s draft. Over the course of the Combine, participants submit themselves for a variety of physical and mental tests, as well as interviews with NFL teams. According to Kasa, it was during these interviews that the topic of his sexual preferences came up. Continue reading

Universal-EMI Merger Could Yield New Mega Label to Threaten the Future of Music

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WASHINGTON — Today, music lovers have more ways than ever before to access their favorite songs and discover artists they’ve never heard of. Can’t live another minute without “Call Me Maybe”? Download it on iTunes for just $1.29, or stream it over your smartphone with Spotify. Want to hear something different? Let Pandora Internet radio pick something for you, or turn to Grooveshark, a sonic Facebook, to see what other music nerds are listening to. Continue reading