NFL Referees ‘Get Call from Vegas’ and Blow New Orleans Saints Chance to Go to Super Bowl

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

New Orleans Saints got a call, but it wasn’t the one he wanted. Head of officials Alberto Riveron contacted the coach and said they “messed up” on a pass interference call at the end of the NFC Championship game against the Los Angeles Rams. “For a call like that not to be made, man, it’s just hard to swallow. And then to get a phone call” Payton said. “We spoke initially, then I called to follow up. And the first thing [head of officials Alberto Riveron] said when I got on the phone — ‘We messed it up.’ he continued

The play happened at 1:45 of the fourth quarter. The no call came on the Rams 13-yard old line when Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman ran into Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis. If the call would have been made; the game would be pretty much over with. Without going into conspiracy theories, but there is a long belief that the outcome of sporting events are determined by money and gambling. Henceforth, I came up with the cliché the refs got the call from Vegas.  

Is there any debate that Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T?

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

With the victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be heading to the Super Bowl for the fifth time in eight years. This will be a record ninth time that Brady will appear in the Super Bowl. Most of the records that Brady has come from the postseason. I thought I would post the accomplishments in my case to prove that Brady is not only the best quarterback, but the best football player of all time. Some people might argue the talent of Aaron Rodger, or the impact of Lawrence Taylor, but these numbers don’t lie. Continue reading

More Federal Workers Seek Unemployment as Americans Shrug at Shutdown

While a growing number of federal workers seek jobless benefits, most Americans say the shutdown has had little or no impact on them.

By Claire Hansen

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THE NUMBER OF furloughed federal working seeking unemployment benefits doubled between the first and second weeks of the government shutdown, but Americans at large say the impasse hasn’t had much of an effect on them. Continue reading