A Company That Runs Prisons Will Have Its Name on a Stadium


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In recent years, where stadium naming rights could be sold, universities and professional sports teams have sold them — to airlines and banks and companies that sell beer, soda, doughnuts, cars, telecommunications, razors and baseball bats. This led to memorable examples like Enron Field, the KFC Yum! Center and the University of Phoenix Stadium. Continue reading

Lebronorexus: New Specie Found in NBA

Never before seen athlete dominates the court 

John Sibley

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On Sunday February 12, 2013, King James tied an NBA record, becoming one of the three players in the history of basketball to score 30-plus points in five straight games while shooting 60 percent or better from the field in each game. He is an unfathomable 55-of 77 from the field (71.4 percent) over those five games. Every year it seems that “King James” finds a way to improve his basketball genius. This year he is the most efficient offensive player in the league.  Continue reading

Kobe’s Incredible Birthday Gift For His Wife

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Normally, Kobe Bryant is busy at this time of the year.

Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers have made it to the second round of the NBA playoffs in five of the past six years. But this season Bryant suffered a season-ending Achilles injury and his Lakers got swept in the first round by the San Antonio Spurs. So Bryant has a lot more time on his hands, and that’s not such a bad thing. Continue reading

Michael Beasley Reportedly Being Investigated for Alleged Sexual Assault

By Tyler Conway

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Police in Scottsdale, Ariz. confirmed Tuesday that Phoenix Suns forward Michael Beasley is currently being investigated for an alleged sexual assault.

Lauren Peikoff of 12 News in Phoenix broke the story:

While there is no word on whether Beasley will be charged with the crime, Scottsdale police spokesman David Pubins confirmed the investigation in a statement. Continue reading

Russell vs. Wilt

By Bob Ryan

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Bill Russell terrorized the NBA for three seasons. No one had ever seen anything quite like him.

Then came Wilt Chamberlain.

Bigger by at least three inches, stronger, arguably just as quick, and in possession of the greatest offensive skills from the center position the basketball world has yet seen, Chamberlain loomed as a major threat to Russell’s supremacy. On the eve of the 1959-60 NBA season, many people automatically assumed that the Russell Era was over, that the next dozen years or so would belong exclusively to Wilt Chamberlain. Continue reading

Normalizing the Police State

And how it ends with Taser-firing drones

Allison Kilkenny

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Bob Herbert recently wrote about the overzealous enforcement of “peace officers” assigned to New York City schools. The officers are accused of detaining, searching, handcuffing, and arresting students for silly things like drawing on desks, or handling – not using, but handling – cell phones in school. Continue reading