Real Talk: Are Black Women Emasculating Black Men who Earn Less Money than they Do

Role reversal in relationship may cause some problems

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menBesides sex, money is the number one subject couples argue about. But it’s become an even more contentious issue in recent years.

If you were watching MSNBC last week, you may have seen the segment on “Breadwinner Wives”. Wives who earn more money than their husbands is fast becoming one of the new causes of divorce among African-Americans.

Until recently, most husbands made more money than their wives. That’s no longer the case. With more woman going to college – and graduate school, they’re also landing higher paying jobs. As a result, women aren’t as concerned about having their husbands support them and are more interested in being successful in the world.For some couples, having the woman make more money than the man creates huge problems. Continue reading

Denzel Washington, Flight and ‘New Negro Exceptionalism’

By:Usame Tunagur

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently announced its 2013 Oscar nominations. Nominated in the Best Actor category for his strong performance in Flight (2012), Denzel Washington received his 6th Oscar nomination, making him the most nominated black actor. So far, he has won the hardware twice; one for Best Supporting Actor in Glory (1989) and another one for Best Actor in Training Day (2001).
In Robert Zemeckis’ film Flight, Denzel Washington plays the role of an alcoholic and an accomplished pilot; a character packaged with subtle clues hinting at a generational burden of representation and the possibility of a complex humanization.
Whip Whitaker is an extremely skillful veteran commercial airlines pilot who pulls off a spectacular emergency landing, saving all but six of 102 passengers after an unheard of upside-down maneuver —a maneuver the nation’s top 10 pilots failed to achieve in flight simulations. Continue reading

Jaz-O the Orginator

Exclusive Interview with Jay-Z Mentor

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Emcee Jaz-O’s most famous deed throughout his career, might be the mentorship of young Brooklyn rapper named Jay-Z. Although the two have since parted ways, the acknowledgement that Jay-Z learned the game from Jaz-O goes unquestioned. The fact that he schooled possibly the most famous rapper ever, gives him lifetime membership in the credibility department; we caught up with the “originator” on his trip to Chicago to host a Def Squad reunion show.



The History

Black Truth News: Can you take a second and tell the people who you are?

Jaz-O: It’s Jaz-O the originator. Marcy’s greatest; the king forever. Continue reading