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Advice for the Fellow in Relationships


I’ve been romantically dealing with women for nearly 20 years and at times I thought I knew it all, especially when I was young.  Go ahead and laugh because I am too.  But as I have grown older, I have come to realize that we as men will NEVER understand women, and I do mean NEVER.  With that in mind, I have a great piece of advice for all the fellows out there.  Are you sitting down???  Because coming from me, this may shock you. Continue reading

Hip Hop Legend Afrika Bambaataa, to the Head of the Class

Ben Ortiz, the assistant curator of the Hip Hop Collection at Cornell University, was talking about his latest hire: D.J. Afrika Bambaataa, the South Bronx hip-hop legend and creator of the Universal Zulu Nation.


Jed Lipinski

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Who better than the man who named hip-hop?” Ortiz said of the appointment, which will have the legendary artist visiting the campus several times a year for lectures, meetings with students and community groups, and performances at Cornell.  Bambaataa, Ortiz said, was the first to “identify” hip-hop as a cultural movement in an interview with The Village Voice in 1982. He cited, as many do, a very specific point of origin for the form: a house party on April 11, 1973 at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx; Bambaataa is thought to have attended. Continue reading

Preserving the Foundation> Interviewing Curtis Sherrod

Harlem’s Hip Hop Culture Center Honoring the Legends

Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Curtis Sherrod founder of Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem
Curtis Sherrod founder of Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem

125th Street in Harlem is famous for everything. From the hustlers and merchants who hawk products and goods on the sidewalk, from Malcolm X and the Apollo Theater to Sylvia’s Soul food Restaurant. The energy that surrounds this street hits you soon as you step foot on it. Continue reading

How to Survive a Depression and Thrive During Tough Economic Times


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People all over the world are wondering how to survive a depression. They  realize that we are all going through some tough economic times right now.  Still, it’s not yet as bad as it was when the Great Depression was going on. The  stock market has been dropping for several months now and that is bad news for  those who invest in stocks. At some point, I’m sure things will get back on  track again, but who really knows for sure how long that could take? Continue reading

Austin Pantry Offers Food & Hope

Hope Church providing healthy alternatives for families and residents

Kelsey Duckett
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As the poor economy continues to take its jabs at working-class families throughout Chicago, one West Side church is working to lighten the blows.
Hope Community Church, located at 5900 W. Iowa, opens its doors every weekend to families in need via its food pantry. Supported by the Greater Chicago Food Depository and through donations, the pantry operates every Saturday morning. In addition to the 5-year-old pantry, the church also provides a mobile food truck on the second Thursday of the month. Continue reading