8 Biggest Mix-Ups about Health Care Reform

How well do you know the Affordable Care Act?

By Jay MacDonald

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The public remains sharply divided toward President Barack Obama’s historic health care reform legislation, according to polls that show few are undecided.

Most people think they know whether they like or dislike the law. But when it comes to knowing what’s actually contained within this mammoth retooling of our health insurance system, most of us may not be smarter than a failing fifth grader.

A recent online quiz on the main provisions of health care reform
by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that participants, on average, answered just 5 out of 10 questions correctly.

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How You Achieve Success as an Independent Artist

How Can You Achieve Success as an Independent Artist?

By George Shantzek

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Often life as an independent artist has been regarded as a one-way ticket to Smallville: great college crowds, a great college student quality-of-life, and a double lifetime supply of beer. This career choice is known to be, at best, difficult– offering a menial and even thankless role in the music world.

Whether you happen to be in the industry or just an innocent bystander — also referred to as a fan, many will measure the success of an artist in simple terms: how many units have been sold; how much exposure has the group received; how many can they pack into a room or concert hall? And whether you want to admit it or not, EVERYONE regards the mainstream media as an indicator of whether a group’s success is significant or marginal.

Many of us in the industry ask ourselves, repeatedly: how can independent artists reach a broader audience? We respond with great certainty, declaring the internet as the artists’ newfound Mecca. And then some will go on to lambast MTV, the radio industry and music store chains for refusing most independent artists access. “That!” we say, “is the ‘Great Barrier’ to independent artists reaching a broader audience and a successful career!”

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Yvonne’s Spiritual Healing: “A Wounded Child”


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“For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me.”  – Psalm 109: 22 


A wounded child, wounded by whom; a family member, mother, uncle or aunt.

Or was it a stranger that invaded your life. A child who loves their family, knowing their actions were un-Godly. 

Where is God in all of this madness?  Who do you turn to?

What’s the alternative?

Who stole your innocence, your childhood; your youth. How deep are your wounds?

That pain you carried throughout childhood. Is that pain still buried in the back of your mind?

Does it constantly surface, haunting you one day at a time?

Desperate for affection, feeling empty, needy, still searching for your identity; Unlearned, untaught about the grace of God; you’re still stumbling through this world all alone and lost.

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Hubert Harrison: Key Link in the Two Great Trends of the Black Liberation Movement

This article originally
appeared in New Politics.

“The Life and Times of
Hubert Harrison: A Forgotten Synthesis of African-American Socialism and Black
Nationalism,” Review of Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism,
1883-1918 by Jeffrey B. Perry (Columbia University Press, 2009).



“One of the many strengths of the Perry biography is the detailed exposition of the transformation of Harrison from a socialist to both a socialist and Black Nationalist.”

Hubert Harrison emerged in the first two decades of the twentieth century as one of the leading voices of Harlem radicals rejecting American claims to an egalitarian democratic heritage and commitment to such a future based on the undeniable persistence of massive racial and class inequalities.

Jeffrey Perry’s exhaustive biography of Hubert Harrison elevates the lesser-known Harrison to the stature he so richly deserves as one of America’s most perceptive public intellectuals on the critically intertwined issues of American democracy, race relations, and class structure.

Harrison, a St. Croix immigrant from the Virgin Islands, was one of the first to combine the divergent strands of socialism and Black Nationalism. Hubert Harrison emerges as the principal black spokesman for the Socialist Party in its heyday in the early twentieth century.In this volume, Perry explores the interaction, cooperation, and conflicts between intellectuals and radicals such as A. Philip Randolph, John E. Bruce, Arturo Schomburg, Cyril Briggs, and others in pre-Marcus Garvey Harlem. Against this background of contending local leaders and intellects in the cultural capital of black America, Harrison will distinguish himself as a preeminent thinker analyzing the philosophical and tactical positions of nationally known black leaders like the Harvard trained historian W.E.B. Du Bois and the president of Tuskegee Institute, Booker T. Washington.

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Rusty Jabbz New York Hip Hop Review #10

rusty 2Read the latest news on New York’s Hip Hop and Entertainment scene     

By:DJ Handspin Dinero

Article Submission     








What a lovely day, to sit on a “STOOP!”

 Temperature is high 76 degrees warm with some sunshine giving way to clouds; periods of rain and thunderstorm in the afternoon. WOW!!!

 That’s kind of ironic don’t you think?


Today is actually the rain date to the “Stoop 2012”. Originally it was to take place on July 28, 2012, but due to the threat of a thunderstorm on that day, the event was rescheduled to today. Now after reading today’s weather forecast off my phone, it looks like we may experience some of the things we tried to escape from three months ago.


I’m not the type of person to say, “I told you so!” LOL, who am I fooling’? Of course I like to tell people, “I TOLD YOU SO!!!” I told you so Fokus, you shouldn’t had postponed the original date for a new date. It may not be raining yet but it’s very chilly out. The little bit of sunshine in the sky doesn’t help in any way to restore good weather conditions and the people’s comfort. 

 fort greene sign
I finally get to experience today’s event bought to you by F.O.K.U.S; I’m really looking forward to it. When the invite was originally issued to me several months back, I couldn’t help but to think of “THE STOOP 2012,” as some sort of party on your front stoop, (LOL). 


I know, as juvenile and immature as that sounds, I recall last year around this same time (October 8, 2011) on S. Elliot Place, in front of the Spike Lee’s Joint for the “BROOKLYN LOVES MICHAEL JACKSON Tribute Celebration.”

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