Parking Ticket Quotas in L.A. Are for Real, Traffic Officer Says

Jay Beeber of the Parking Initiative says, “He’s not the only one who has reached out” about quotas at the LADOT.

The group is outraged by L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s proposal to hire more traffic officers, a move it alleges is aimed at generating millions of dollars in new revenue for the city.

“When the city says we’re going to make this much off this department, that’s the incentive to write tickets,” Beeber tells us. “They know for a fact there are bogus tickets being written. In fact you’re rewarded for doing it. You get more overtime.”

[Added at 4:49 p.m.]: The LADOT sent us this response to Randolph’s claims:

LADOT does not have quotas for parking citations. Overtime is for special events traffic management support, year-round.

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