Rapper Plies Addresses Theme for the Future

Rapper Plies Addresses Theme for the Future

An up and coming successful rapper talking about serious issues is rare, Plies, has two gold albums, and several features with other famous artist. The risk of losing money and fame from making positive or honest music can be costly sometimes.

I know he is the self proclaimed “goon” and makes songs like “Becky” and “Bust it Baby” but that can be tolerated if he can balance it out with songs like “Family Straight”. I feel that way about all the artists to be honest. Some hip hop fans may disagree, but I always thought balance, diversity, and truth keeps the music fresh. Connecting with artists comes from real life stories, not necessarily their own stories but stories from the human experience. This song reminded me of my family and the struggles that we have encounter. The honesty in the hook got me open immediately…..

“Last ten years, my mama been working twice a day/Grandmother on a kidney machine she then lost her weight
My aunt tee got Aids, she starting to lose her faith/ my Brother back in prison, second time he gone away
My daddy still smoking that shit, I can see in his face/ my cousin 16 got pregnant from a n*g*# thirty- eight/Try to stay on my son, make sure he doing what his mama say
Before you take me God/ Help me get my family straight!”


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