Richard Sherman believes a double standard exists with DeSean Jackson?

Cooper represented a younger cheaper safer choice than Jackson as well, and that is the nature of the business. Cooper and Jackson are separated by not the color of their skin, but the fact that Cooper doesn’t drop the ball at the two yard line costing his team points; Cooper doesn’t go on diva tantrums and cost his team yards; and Cooper is not the same type of risk that Jackson is.

Sherman also asserted “The Seattle Seahawks get it. The Philadelphia Eagles apparently do not.” Sherman was of course talking once again about the “gang ties” and being judged because of the people around you.

It’s fairly obvious the Eagles, who signed Michael Vick coming out of prison for dog fighting, know nothing about being able to forgive a players pass. A truly brilliant assumption there by Sherman.

Now it is not my place to say whether or not Jackson is in a gang or not, right now no one knows that. The Eagles though made a business move and the NFL is a business, something that Sherman should now all too well.

Sherman was picked in the fifth round so it is pretty obvious that he has a chip on his shoulder. His Twitter rants about how no one on TV knows anything about football, or his famed Michael Crabtree rant solidifies that theory.

I am not going to call Sherman a thug or judge him, like he believes we all do to him, I am simply going call it as I see it. I will ask again to be sure though; hey Richard Sherman, you mad bro?

Don’t worry, we all know you are.

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