Rusty Jabbz New York Hip Hop Review #16

Once me and my homie got pass Homeland Security, (LOL) we found the Club upstairs looking funny as hell. Funny for two reasons, the lack of people, but that’s not the funny part; DJ E. Holla on the wheels doing his thing despite the amount of people; because that’s just how a DJ does. The funny part and this is something I wanted to know but never bothered to ask; what was the significance with all the old school style bicycles hung up on the ceiling that and the mannequins? Who goes to a club with bicycles on the ceilings and mannequins on the stage?

The Show began to get underway at about 11:20pm when our, “host with the most from the east coast”, D-Stroy took the microphone to the stage and began wheelin’ in the crowd.

First up to the stage… Rustee Juxx and he bought some surprise guest on; which was his Lil’ man. I kind of figure that would be his Lil’ man; at first I thought that was his Lil’ brother. Either or I knew they were blood. That was an awesome act and some real shit. How many fathers’ you know would let their children come onstage alongside their daddy and curse in his performance; a hip hop performance at that? Fuck fathers… how about the mothers? How many mothers’ y’all know would let their child go out with their daddy to a nightclub to perform onstage along with them and spit aggressive lyrics? This is what I’m talking about and what everyone been saying, “THAT’S HIP HOP!”

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