Rusty Jabbz: New York Hip Hop Review

I’m not quite sure if I should go tonight this is the question I repeatedly keep asking myself. I must soon come to a decision because a big black man can’t keep walking around the streets of Park Slope for an hour and half. These white people are starting to get nervous. I already see Southpaw got c-cypher lined up outside already. I guess they’re waiting to take down Smif n Wessun again like they did at their Monumental album release party a few weeks back. There won’t be any police interruption tonight. Everyone here tonight is here for one reason and that’s “BLACK MOON – ENTA DA STAGE”. This is an 18 year old album. I was 18 when this album debuted. (18 is that right, dam I’m old) Anyway, it was my senior year of high school everyone had the Black Moon look. The baby skullies, the Jan sport backpacks, the baggy jeans, and ‘Tim boots’. It was a must, not only to Enta da Stage of Black Moon arena as well as their cypher. Black Moon set off the urban dress code for New York City. They later made it official by venturing with Marc Ecko in his Ecko Unlimited clothing franchise.

I guess you can say Black Moon set off the backpack movement before heads realized there was a backpack movement. From what I’m seeing in here tonight, Black Moon bought out the backpack supporters. I walked into Southpaw during Iron Solomon’s performance. I’m familiar with the artist. I’ve heard his name before. Having an alias like that one would think this Iron Solomon is a member or affiliate of Wu-Tang Clan. Looking at him from across the room; I can not help but to laugh, here you have a chubby white boy, with thick horn rimmed frame glasses with magnifying lenses! Who would think this guy is an awesome emcee; besides the people that are already in here cheering for him. For someone like me, seeing Iron Solomon for the first time I already had a vision in my head. Well, at least I thought I did. I’m not putting’ down his lyrical skills, I think, he has awesome talent. What I’m addressing is his image. Dope lyrics bring on suave attire. If you don’t believe me, just ask the flyest fat nigga in Brooklyn and see what he says. Iron Solomon was the second opening act. I missed the first opening act MFN Exquire. I have no idea who that is; I’m pretty sure he’s another talented emcee. There may be another time when I catch him again.

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