Rusty Jabbz: New York Hip Hop Review

This was an awesome event, to witness Black Moon performing with a live band, there entire “Enta Da Stage” album. My favorite part of the show was finally seeing the Ill Caucasian spit his verse from “U Da Man”. You all remember the Ill Caucasian. Who on here reading this issue never heard of the Ill Caucasian? If you don’t know who the Ill Caucasian is; then you ain’t hip hop. You know what else that would make that part good in addition to that; if Havoc made a surprise appearance to do his verse on “U Da Man”. It was a beautiful event tonight, but I do not have any photograph postings to show you. I was so into the video recording. I didn’t take satisfactory pictures for my viewers but I have everything recorded and prepared to your viewing at

I’m seeing a lot of familiar faces, like my dude Poisen Pen the flyest fat nigga in Brooklyn, my dude Danny Sun in the house, I love that dude! He starting to turn into a brand new version of me; every hip hop show I go, I’m guaranteed to run into him there. I gotta say what up to DJ FTL, who was in the house. I haven’t seen him since the days of Mindspray it felt good seeing him again. To my dude Charles Anthony, who was also in the place; Charles pardon, I know every time we bump heads I act like I don’t know who you are. It’s no disrespect FAM!  I’m terrible at remembering names and faces at times. Usually more names than faces but these things happen. I see you were in the place with your lady, I hope the two of you enjoyed tonight’s performances. You know who else had their lady in the place tonight; Rock. There were various times I seen Rock leave the stage to be with his lady in the crowd… isn’t that sweet and so gentlemen of him.

I want to thank, Black Moon, Smif N’ Wessun, Heltah Skeltah and the whole BCC/ Duck Down Records for putting on this event. I most definitely had a great time. I always find pleasure with real emcees, real niggaz.

Remember, we got all the footage of the night just at a click

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This Article Appeared in The Black Truth News Volume 2 Issue 9 September 2011


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