Scottie Pippen is Out of Bounds for Questioning Jordan’s on the Court Resume

Scottie Pippen is Out of Bounds for Questioning Jordan’s on the Court Resume

By the time Scottie came into the league in 1987-88, the Jordan brand was already established and growing. He had won the dunk contest in back-to-back years in 87 and 88. He was being showcased in Nike commercials with Spike Lee for his sneakers.  

Excuse my French, but Jordan was already the shit. It is true, Jordan was not able to win a championship until Scottie ascended to an all-star caliber player. This cannot be denied. Even Jordan himself gave credit to Pippen for a big part of his success. In The Last Dance documentary, he gave a very flattering compliment to Pippen:  

“He helped me so much in the way I approached the game, the way I played the game. Whenever they speak Michael Jordan, they should speak Scottie Pippen. When everybody says, well, I won all these championships, but I didn’t win without Scottie Pippen. That’s why I consider him my best teammate of all time.” 

It seems being the best teammate to the best player on the best team of all-time wasn’t not enough for Pippen. He somehow thinks that he was equally as great as Jordan was on the basketball court. In a recent conservation with GQ, he had this to say:  

He even went as far to compare his performance with a bad back to Jordan playing with the flu. 

Pippen scored eight points, had three rebounds and four assists in the game. While Jordan had 45 of his team’s 87 points. He also had the game winning steal and hit the game winning shot for the NBA Championship!  

Come on Scottie, I understand you trying to sell your book. I also get that playing in the shadows of Jordan could have been tough sometimes. Part of that documentary showed how hard Jordan was on his teammates. Therefore, taking public shots at him on a personal level, despite me not thinking that is cool might be warranted.  

Pointing out his missteps as an executive and owner like Charles Barkley did could be fair. Even voicing your opinion on his sometimes reluctance to publicly speak on issues that go on in the Black community is understandable. However, to try to downplay what Jordan did on the court and what he accomplish on the basketball court is not only foul, it is out of bounds.  


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