Sha’Carri Richardson Messed up the Church’s Money

There would be fundraisers for that individual, and people would chip in to help them achieve their goals. Sometimes the local church would also join in and pass the collection plate around to make sure the financial target was hit. The church would make an announcement and ask the congregation to bless this child on their journey. I’m not sure if this is still done in the Black community, or if any of it pertains to Sha’Carri Richardson.  

However, in a symbolic way, it seems Sha’Carri Richardson has messed up the church’s money. Recently the 21-year-old track star from Dallas Texas was disqualified from the Tokyo Olympics. The ruling committee concluded that she broke the rules when she tested positive for THC, a chemical commonly found in marijuana. When the news came out about her disqualification, Richardson stood tall. Some of the media applauded her for her maturity and her ability to be accountable for her actions.  

Despite her contrition, some people cried foul when they heard the news.  Some of the sentiment has been that there have been unknown forces all along that didn’t want to see her compete. Others pointed to other athletes such as swimmer Michael Phelps’s admittance of smoking weed but still being allowed to compete in the Olympics. Some people have gone as far as stating that they will boycott watching the Olympics because of the ruling against Richardson.  

Whatever the case, she broke the rules, got disqualified and has to move on. What has stood out in that process is how some people’s disappointment correlates not only with the expectations, but the responsibility placed on Richardson. She like every other athlete who will be competing in the Olympics are representing their country, hometown, respective schools, family and community. In that regard, she is no different from anyone else.  

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