Sha’Carri Richardson Messed up the Church’s Money

However, her narrative got deeper when it was revealed that she recently lost her biological mother. The fact that it was pointed out that it was her “biological” mother gave the indication that she was probably raised by someone else. She pretty much confirmed that when she ran into stands and embraced her grandmother after qualifying at the Olympic trials. When she returned from the stands and spoke with a reporter, she talked about some of her past. She mentioned her struggles and how she wouldn’t be there without her grandmother.  

Like a lot of people who heard her story, I gravitated to it. Almost everyone can relate to losing a loved one. But a lot of us in the Black community can especially relate to not having our parents around when we are growing up. Sometimes when Black folks see that you come from the same circumstances they come from, they latch on. You become their inspiration by default. When you succeed, we all succeed, when you fail, we all fail. You smoke a little weed…so what, that’s what we do in the hood. 

Whether it is fair or not, Sha’Carri responsibilities were probably going to surpass the other Black athletes if she went to the Olympics. She was not only going to represent the country but most of the Blacks in this country. The hair color and the nails, that’s us, baby. The swag, and the talent, that’s us, baby. Sometimes people don’t ask for a reward for being themselves, it just happens. 

Regardless of the circumstances, when the church puts you in front of the congregation, they expect you to win. When the preacher hands you that check, he expects a return tenfold.  

It is quite possible, that these responsibilities became a burden for her. Maybe she realized she wasn’t ready for all of that pressure. It seemed through her interview on the ‘Today Show’ that she was at ease and confident that she will get another chance. Maybe next time the light will be dimmer and she actually can be just a “human being, who just runs a little faster.”  

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