Southern Black Voters Lift Biden to Key Super Tuesday Wins

Biden has argued that he would perform strongest in racially diverse states with significant African American populations. After disappointing results in the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire – both of which have populations that are 90% white – black voters propelled Biden to a dominating win in South Carolina on Saturday that invigorated his sputtering campaign and foreshadowed his success Tuesday.

In Texas, where Sen. Bernie Sanders was up in the polls in the days leading up to Super Tuesday, Biden earned 58% of the African American vote, according to exit polls, far outstripping former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sanders, who netted 16% and 15% of the black vote, respectively.

Biden’s support among black voters in Texas helped him overcome the edge Sanders held with white and Latino voters, boosting him to victory in the state, which had the second-biggest delegate prize on the line Tuesday.

Biden also dominated among African Americans in North Carolina, with 62% of the black vote; Virginia, with 69% of the vote; Alabama, with 72% support; and Tennessee, with 67%.

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