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Stopping HIV/AIDS in the Black Community

Over the last decade the prevalence of HIV infection in the United States has reached new highs and now rivals the numbers we see in sub-Saharan Africa.......Read More

HIV has become an epidemic within the black population, and this needs to be acknowledged so we can expand the dialogue and save the millions of people who will be newly infected in the next decade. Tips to help you and those you care about fight against a disease that is ravaging the black community:

  1.  Get Tested:      Knowing your HIV status will help to stem the tide of new infections.
  2. Use protection: Condoms are a smart way to engage in safe sex, and they stop the spread of HIV. Be smart and protect yourself.
  3. Dialogue:      It’s time to talk about HIV/AIDS so that it will no longer be a silent  killer in the black community. Teach your kids about the dangers of HIV and unprotected sex and talk about it with friends and co-workers. As parents, caretakers, health officials, radio personalities, and media writers, you are the first line of defense against HIV and it is in your power to open the lines of communication.
  4. Education:      Insist that HIV prevention and education be taught in schools, in jails, and find ways to make it accessible to the whole community.
  5. Research:      We must engage in our own research to understand the scope of this pandemic within the Black community, and find funding for new ideas to      help stop the spread of this disease.

The power to fight HIV/AIDS lies in our hands, and we have to take the lead on this issue if we want to see real change happen in our world.



Posted April 5th 2010

This Article Appeared in The Black Truth News Volume 2 Issue 6 June 2011

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