The last time the Bears have had a Black quarterback as a starter was 17 years ago (Kordell Stewart in 2003). I guess you can count that, even though he was on the backend of his career and was released after one season. They have had a few journeyman quarterbacks over the years. People like Jason Campbell, Henry Burris and Jeff Blake made the squad. They had one of the first Black NFL quarterbacks in Willie Thrower. He played two games in 1953 and one of those was because Coach Halas wanted to spite starter George Blanda. Truthfully the only Black quarterback who was a competent starter was Vince Evans. He played from 1977-1983 and started a couple full seasons for the team. 

The Bears have had chances to acquire some Black QBs over the years, but they didn’t seem interested in getting one. They had a chance to get Daunte Culpeper in 1999 but traded down and got Cade McNown. They had a chance to draft Russell Wilson in 2012, but stay committed to Jay Cutler. Not only did they pass on Watson and Mahomes in 2017 but according to Watson, the Bears didn’t even interview him.

Unfortunately, the Bears are just part of the racism problem that persists in the NFL. A lot of teams over the years have been hesitant to choose Black quarterbacks. This year will mark the first time the New England Patriots will have a Black quarterback as their starter. While the New York Giants have never had a Black quarterback as a full time starter.

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