The recent success of the more “athletic quarterback” has made more teams choose the brothers. This upcoming season there will be almost 15 active Black quarterbacks. Of course when the Bears had a chance to grab one of those QBs, they went in another direction.  They had a chance to sign Cam Newton and Jameis Winston from free agency. Instead, they chose Nick Foles for a backup role.

I do understand that signing Cam Newton would have signal the end of Mitch Trubisky era. I also understand that Nick Foles is a Super Bowl winner. However, he hasn’t had one season as a full time starter. On the other hand, although Winston had a down year, last season, he could have helped the Bears. He signed for only one million dollars as a backup for the New Orleans Saints and would have been a steal.

I have read some articles, from mostly White media members, that the Bears problem is stupidity not racism. On the contrary, it’s just the opposite.

Throughout the league’s history, there is a stigma that Black men are not able to hold positions that require them to think. Or better yet have a position that gives them authority. Therefore there are no majority owners who are Black. There are only a few Black general managers and three Black head coaches. This way of thinking has traditionally trickled down to the quarterbacks.

The Black players recognize this. That’s why former quarterback Donovan McNabb spoke on it. The coaches recognize it. They see White guys who never played the game come in and become coaches. The question is will that recognition change anything? I doubt it. 

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