The Cast of 85 South Remind You that their Life ain’t all Fun and Games

The three man crew that make up the cast of 85 South show explained how their hard work, dedication, and faith helped turned their brand into one of the most popular brands in comedy. “Before you be a boss, you got to be an employee,” said DC Young Fly. 85 South explained how they use their experience Nick Cannon’s Wild n Out and working behind the scenes to structure their own show. “You can always go back to ground zero at any time,” DC Young Fly explained. “We use our experience on Wild n Out to learn how to structure a show and we learned there were some restrictions, so we started our own show so we can do what the fuck we want.”

The trio admitted that it hasn’t smooth sailing along their path but Chico Bean said: “You have to embrace the ugly.”  While Karlous reminded everyone that “it is going to be hard starting off, but you have to keep going.” Check out the footage of their discussion below.

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