‘They see me Rowlin’, they hatin’: JK Rowling quotes rapper Chamillionaire to hit back at Twitter trolls (and the hip hop artist loves it)

jk rhwling 2The Harry Potter author caught the attention of Grammy Award-winning Chamillionaire after quoting his lyrics to fight back at a Twitter troll.

After one man called her a ‘radge’ with ‘obscene wealth’, the author came back with ‘They see me Rowlin’ they hatin”, quoting the 2006 song Ridin’ – but swapping ‘Rollin’ for her surname.

The tweet came after a troll told MP Natalie McGarry not to apologise to JK Rowling; the politician had previously accused her of defending ‘abusive and misogynistic’ commenters on Twitter.

He wrote: ‘She uses her obscene wealth & lawyer droids to threaten & bully. Tell the radge to bolt.’

But JK’s amusing response was retweeted more than 30,000 times and liked 50,000 times.
jk rohlwing 3

 Among those praising her tweet was the hip hop star himself – real name Hakeem Seriki – who replied saying: ‘I was gonna remix your tweet to “We see them trollin” but you already took home the Grammy. Touché.’

jk rohlwing 4

After the author, 50, came back with a kiss and a fist-pump emoji, fans were quick to pick up on the conversation, and seemed delighted by the exchange.

One wrote: ‘Chamillionaire and jk rowling are conversing on twitter, not even my most out there dreams are made up of that kind of wonderful/ weird s***.’ 

jk rohlwing 5

Selena wrote that it was ‘the coolest thing EVER’ while Samantha Pak wrote: ‘Haters be saying she be “writin’ dirty”.’

An incredulous Madeleine Rose asked: ‘Did J.k. Rowling and Chamillionaire just become best friends?’ while one tweeted: ‘What a time to be alive.’

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