Thanks to Tony Abruscato, you can buy plants without going to a flower shop or a greenhouse. He came up with the idea while thinking of a way to provide funding for his non-profit foundation. “I saw that I wanted to make money for our nonprofit [foundation] and I knew that house plants sales were up 300% in this country” 

Instead of going the conventional route, he decided to transform a 1974 GMC truck into a self-contained mobile greenhouse.

The Plant Truck Chicago is not only a way for Tony to make money, but also to educate people.   “I thought it was a great way to reach people, but more so, go out and teach people how to grow their own plants. People are asking us all the time How much light do I need? How much should I water them and when should I water them?”  

Tony has used the Plant Truck and his Get Green foundation to give back to residents throughout Illinois. “We load it up with plants and different containers and go to different neighborhoods and do pop up plant sales and the proceeds from those sales we use to grow plant material that redistribute in underserve communities. This year we donated over 2,000 plants and deliver plants to COVID positive homeless shelters.”   

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