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Tony Parker, the ADL & the “French Farrakhan”

The San Antonio Spurs point guard became the anti-Semitism industry’s latest victim after a 3-year-old photo surfaced of him standing with the Black French humorist Dieudonne M’bala M’bala gesturing in a way that the ADL considers “anti-Semitic.”

The offending gesture, dubbed the quenelle, involves holding one’s arm straight downward while the opposite hand is raised across the shoulder. It originated with the man standing with Parker in the controversial photo, the aforementioned Dieudonne (pronounced DYEU-dun-ay), and according to an Associated Press article, in France “it’s caught on like a dance move.”

Dieudonne’s razor-sharp sarcasm and laser-guided mockery have won him a wide, multicultural following in French society, and at the same time it has upset the very powerful and humorless Jewish power elite. He is to France what political satirists Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert are to America—only smarter, stronger, and bolder. Dieudonne’s gesture has been referred to by Jews as a “reverse Nazi salute,” but in the frenzy to condemn him Black people should be very clear about his true aim and objective. 

France has its own pack of ADL-like bulldogs intent on making the Jewish version of history the only legal version. In their thuggish manipulation of France’s legal system, the Jews have installed Nazi-like laws that actually criminalize the questioning of any aspect of the “Jewish holocaust.” Last year, Brother Dieudonne came with a delegation of French Muslims to Chicago for the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day celebration. In his exclusive interview with the Final Call’s senior editor, Ashahed Muhammad, Dieudonne discussed those abominable laws:

“The Jewish Holocaust is like a trophy. In France one can caricature Prophet Muhammad, one can say the Pope of Rome is a pedophile, one can even say slavery did not exist. But you cannot contest the reality of the Jewish Holocaust. The Holocaust is a new god.”


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