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Tony Parker, the ADL & the “French Farrakhan”

parker french 3These are examples of the more-than-a-gesture acts of racial treachery of French Jews, but The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews details the very same more-than-a-gesture acts by the Caucasian Jews of Dutch, Portuguese, British, and Spanish heritage.

The calculated anti-Black behavior of the Jewish people against the freedom aims of the Original Black Man have long ago gone beyond the mere “gestures” they attribute to Tony Parker and his friend Dieudonne M’bala M’bala. Brother Dieudonne has bravely championed this cause for the people of the French-speaking world, striving as he is doing so to live up to his title, the “French Farrakhan.” And the French people—white and Black—are flocking to his cause. His public appearances are sold out and he has a huge Facebook following of nearly half a million. He has over 217,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, and a couple of his videos have exceeded two million views. So disturbing is Dieudonne’s principled stand that the Jews have pressured the French Interior Minister Manuel Valls to declare that he may ban his live performances as “a threat to public order.” The last thing the Jews want to see is French and American Blacks linking up across the barriers of ocean and language, and recognizing their common historical enemy. 

Allah is God. And the ADL now clearly works for Him. Foxman’s bungled attack on an innocent Tony Parker has only given Blacks the opportunity to get acquainted with our courageous Brother across the ocean and learn of the commonality of our struggles, our history, and our enemies—and the unity of our cause.

(Tingba Muhammad is a citizen of the Nation of Islam, whose articles appear in the explosive book DEFENDING FARRAKHAN, Books 1 & 2. Join the conversation online at, and on, and Twitter@NOIResearch.)

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