What’s Next after the Looting and Rioting for George Floyd?

If that is the outcome of all the mayhem that occurred, then I fully support it. If the only way to stop the violence by police officers is through civil unrest; then I’m with it. The flip side is that, after the damage is done, we suffer from a steeper decline in resources in our communities than what we had before. In Chicago, the two areas hit the hardest by looting were the South and West sides of Chicago. These two areas are predominately populated by Black people. I watched the other night as people broke into a liquor store on Chicago’s West Side. 


The police showed up and never got out of their car. Which is a sharp contrast to the police officers that I saw on TV patrolling the downtown area on foot.  Some officials in Chicago have accused the Mayor and other upper brasses of having more police protection in certain areas than others. Alderman Anthony Beale who is Black wrote a letter to the Mayor.  

“The people of the west and south sides have already been severely impacted by COVID-19, by disinvestment and by the kind of police brutality that killed George Floyd. That the stores that provide the food and medicine that we rely on, are now being attacked by marauders who wish to take advantage of the real and righteous grievances expressed by the peaceful protests — is totally unacceptable and must be stopped. Yes, to the protection of the city’s central area but also, if not first, let’s protect the people and neighborhoods that make our city what it is.” 

I’m personally not surprised by the police’s lack of concern in regard to what happens in the Black communities. Especially since police apathy towards Black lives is the primary reason why people are protesting. Unfortunately, this attitude will probably also continue when it comes to rebuilding the communities. The cycle will continue and the beat will go on and on. That’s why it is unfair to place the blame solely on looters and the people causing chaos.  Regardless of your position, this will affect everyone. With that said, I ask the question that started off with; Now what?  

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