Whitelyfe and Mack 11 of White Nation Entertainment Describe Their Unique Sound

Hailing from Chicago’s West Side, White Nation Entertainment’s Whitelyfe and Mack 11 have plans to take their music grind to the next level. I caught up with them last month at the Legendary Art Gallery for the release of their latest mixtape ‘White Christmas.’ The pair not only talked about their new music but what attributes separate them from other new artists. Checkout the interview below.

By: Jarrod Horton

(L-R: Whytelife & Mack 11 of White Nation Entertainment)

Staff Writer

BTN: Explain to me the origin and movement behind White Nation

Whitelyfe: It started when I was a shorty, they used to call me white boy in my neighborhood. I was like the lightest nigga on the block. I just took the name and formed White Nation because it is a lot of us.

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