Will Trina Apology be enough to help people forgive her comments against George Floyd Protesters?

Needless the say, her comments received backlash when it went viral. Following the backlash, Trina issued an apology.  

“I just wanna say that I apologize sincerely, to everybody I offended by what I said,” said Trina. “I spoke passionately about people destroying our community here in Miami, Florida, Dade County, Liberty City, the inner cities. I’m not trying to take away anything from anyone or anybody that was abused from the police. And I can see where that was insenitive.” 


“Me and my Trina’s world I’m automatically speaking for black people and I’m not gonna say ‘Hey black people are animals’, I didn’t say all of my people—I’m not talking about you, not the protestors, the people trying to make change,” said Trina noting that she spoke with elected official including the police commisioner. “Not a store, not nothing, nobody’s fancy car, I’m just speaking from where I felt, things that I saw. I would never say that or call black people animals. That’s not who I am.” 

Despite her apology, Trina has still been getting criticize on the internet. From my point of view, this is not good. When you read her comments it sounds bad, but it sounds worse when you hear her say it. The passion that she says those words with, lets you know that she really means it. Do you think that she was misunderstood? Do you agree or disagree with her comments? If you disagree, do you accept her apology? Leave your comments below.  

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