Grind Corner: Artist: Lunatic

  • We          Highlight         The         Street

  • Our Highlight this month goes to Lunatic.  Representing the west side of Chicago; ‘Tic’ has drop three mix-tapes already with more to come. We caught up with him for a second, got his definition on the grind and how he puts it down. Check out his interview.






The Black Truth News: Can you take a minute to explain to the people who you are, what you do, and how you grind?

Lunatic: Well my name is Lunatic or “Tic”, my man Boog gave me that name, I’m the CEO of Ill State Entertainment, I write, rap, and represent L-Town which is on the west side of Chicago, I got my mix-tape “It is What it Is”– Rise n Grind vol.3.

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