A Wealthy White Couple who Looks Down on Black People. What Else is New?

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writerblack chair

The Internet is going crazy about this image from Russian Fashion Blog Buro 24/7. In the image 32 year old Dasha Zhukova is sitting on a chair made in the image of a black woman. I thought the mannequin was a real woman. The whole idea is sick to be honest. The fact that someone would enjoy sitting on someone else is bad enough, but to create it and fancy it to the world is a sign of pure ignorance. This backlash from the media and the public probably won’t change the mindset of the Russian couple who posted it on Instagram; but at least it will let us recognize them for what they are. A wealthy, privileged white couple who looks down on black people; so what else is new?

To read the full story CLICK HERE.

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