Bizzy Bone is Too Old to Be Threatening Young Rappers on Social Media

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

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Bone Thugs N Harmony rapper Bizzy Bone got himself trouble recently for his behavior on social media. Bizzy Bone went on Instagram Live and made a threat to much younger rappers 21 Savage and Migos rapper Offset. Not only did he make a threat with guns. The episode caused the police to come to his house, arrest him and send him to jail. The 90’s rapper got back on social media after he got out and gave an explanation.  “Goddamn po po came to the house last night, hauled my ass to the big boy stuff. I was like, ‘What’s good?’” he said. ‘We wanna talk to you about this stuff you posting on social media.’ I said, ‘Let me tell you something. I say what the f**k I wanna say on social media, bro. Do what the f**k I want. If I’m doing something illegal, then charge me bro.” he continued.

The thing about it is the police can and will use what you do and say on social media against you in court. There have been several cases of people incriminating their self through social media antics. This is especially true for rappers, the most recent being Tekashi 69 getting locked up and the police using his social media as part of the evidence. Lastly it just seem that a man of Bizzy Bone age will get on social media and wave guns. The rapper was popular in the 90’s and is currently 42 years old. Offset is 27 years old and 21 Savage is 26. I understand people of their generation doing something that stupid, but Bizzy is almost old enough to be their dad. You would think he would have better sense than that. Bottom line: Grow up Bizzy Bione.

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