Black Truth News Artist Profile: Rec Center

The Resurrection of the Rec Center Continues with the Newest EP Release

Artist Submission

rec center

Straight from The Mental City come a unique Hip-Hop collective known as the REC CENTER; and they have returned! All members of the group come armed with an impeccable gift of potent lyricism that grasps the full attention of even the most discerning listener.

Group members: John Coughee, G-No, Mozes Gunz, Maintain, Reality, and Xclusive are definitely a force to be RECkoned with, as these Chicago natives are poised to take the game to not only a new frontier,but to an entirely different elevation!

From their humble beginnings a niche was crafted, a mission was charted, and a pre-destined journey to Reveal Eternal Creations was born. The REC CENTER represents the greatness of the golden-era of Hip-Hop, but with updated formulas composed in a perfected sonata of musical composition. This is what hip hop was, and is, all about. 

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