Carona Barone Interview

caronaBy: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer


Black Truth News: How about you introduce yourself to the people?


Carona Barone: I go by so many names, Carona Barone, C-Brone, C-Rona, Crazy, some of everything, Bar Spitta, Hope for the future, everything. We here with my man Bear; you already know what it is. I don’t know if y’all call him Bear, but I call him that. Chicago Bear, a beast with it, but I will let him tell you all that. But it’s a pleasure to be here on Madison Street. We just got through doing our thing for Jack Daniels Honey. It tastes good. 21 and up; if you got to drink it, I don’t know what you doing and your mamma house, if she let you drink but I don’t condone it.

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