Mixtape Review: Jai Harris: “Disconnected Vol.1”

Spoken word artist with new mixtape Jarrod Horton Staff Writer     Jai Harris new mix-tape “Disconnected-Volume.1” is probably the best submission that I have reviewed this year. It is a Spoken word album that combines sample

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RGIII and the American Coliseum

Love affair with violence is as natural as breathing air  By: John Sibley Article Submission                                                                                                                                           I must confess that I am an addict. Not addicted to crack, religion or cocaine. But like tens of millions of

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How to Protect Yourself in a Pandemic

Some helpful steps to take during a crisis or emergency  Dr. Riba Laibow  Article Submission                                                                                                                                                 Natural Solutions Foundation has recently identified a potential for the near-term release of a Weaponized Avian Flu. You can read about our

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