Chris Brown Police Report Mistake Confuses Who Threw 1st Punch

By: Michael Hughes
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According to reports coming from TMZ, sources connected to the case have told them that the first version of the police report states that it wasn’t Chris Brown who threw the first punch, but rather his bodyguard.  That initial report also details his bodyguard as being the one who broke the alleged victim’s nose, and that Chris only jumped in following the melee having already begun.

However, the revised copy now places the blame on Chris’ hands, stating that he is the one that actually landed the damaging punch to the alleged victim.  TMZ also reported that videotape of Chris, his bodyguard, the alleged victim, and other eyewitnesses display confusion within various individuals stories, and that some of the people questioned may have been completely lying about the story they told. 

All of this confusion with the police report and witness statements could be beneficial to Chris’ case when it comes down to court appearances.


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