Ciara Confirms She’s Pregnant on “The View”!

By Desiree Browne

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Ciara’s been vocal about her love for fiance Future but she’s been tight-lipped about her pregnancy. That is, until her appearance on “The View” earlier today. Host Jenny McCarthy tweeted a picture of the two of them together, saying, “Congrats to my girl @ciara so happy for your bun in the oven.” Ciara, 28, is expecting her first child. This will be baby number five for Future and, um, baby mama number four. But if it works for Ciara then it’s fine for the us. Congratulations to Ciara. She didn’t give the hosts of “The View” a due date but it looks like she’s somewhere toward the end of her second trimester. No telling if she’s having a baby girl or boy, either. –

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