Exclusive Interview with the Legendary Erick Sermon of EPMD

In the 1980s Erick Sermon formed a group with Parrish Smith. They decided to use the first letters of their first name and combined them with the first letters of the words making dollars. The name EPMD has been associated throughout Hip Hop circles with success and timeless music. The self-proclaimed “Green Eyed-Bandit” has managed to maneuver through the music business for almost 30 years; producing for some of the most successful artists throughout the industry. On a recent trip to Chicago for a youth fundraiser and to promote musical balance in the Hip Hop Culture. I was able to catch “E Double” lecturing some young artists on the importance of diversity in their music. Peep the conversation and enjoy the interview.


By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

 e sermon 1

Black Truth News: How do you feel about people who are trying to break into the music business with no money but they are creative?


Erick Sermon: It’s Nothing you can do about that, those days are over, it’s just sad what was living in, again because it’s no labels here no more, no A&R, nobody’s trying to take that young kid that might be hot and develop him, usually we take a dope nigga like him and we will develop him. Take him in, give him a hot producer, and give him some hot beats. But no one is doing that anymore.

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