Example of how some Men react when the Woman Makes More Money than them  

During the Q&A, a woman asked Joseline a question about what it took to be a “Boss’ and how she navigates through the trials and tribulations of being a woman and trying to accomplish her goals. Joseline gave an interesting answer, I want you to watch the video below and check it out.

Now before I give my opinion of what Joseline said, I want to play the reaction her boyfriend had to her statement. Check out the video below.

Before I go in, let me give a little context to the environment. Joseline has a show that features all women and she talks about women empowerment. The Q&A was not only about her show but also about how she has started from the bottom and made to a certain level of success.  Here is one more video of her talking about how she tries to uplift women.

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