Example of how some Men react when the Woman Makes More Money than them  

How times have changed. Now women like Joseline are telling a room full of women that “a lot of times, us bitches make more money than these niggas!”  

This is true, a lot of our Black Women are on their shit. However, there is a deeper dynamic that I want to briefly explore and has to deal with respect.  

There is a lack of respect when someone thinks you need them for something. This is especially true when a man has to depend on his woman for something. I think subconsciously for some men it is a sign of weakness. Women can sense that weakness, the same way can notice your confidence.  

On the other hand, some men use their financial advantage as a means of control. The Ballistic got heated because he can’t control anything that Joseline says or does. She is in a position where he can leave and she can replace him by tomorrow.  

He is better than me, my love and respect have to be reciprocated. If you not messing with me, I’m damn sure not messing with you. I don’t care who you are or how much money you make. (Well maybe Oprah or… Never mind) Feeling less than is one of the worst feelings in the world.  

But let me refrain from that talk, he did stand his ground and let it be known that he had to be respected. It’s not like Joseline gave a damn, but hell he tried.  

However, it should be noted that I never heard or seen Joseline talking this slick when she was on Love and Hip Hop with Stevie J. It goes to show you when you pay your dues and earn your stripes you can call the shots. It’s called being a Boss!

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